Chlorine gas essay

Chlorine gas 6 pages in length chlorine – atomic symbol of cl with its distinguishable greenish-yellow color and 'swimming pool' odor – is both a highly toxic substance that kills in a very short time or a completely harmless chemical compound used to season food, depending upon its form and the secondary element with which it is mixed. Chemical weapons during the vietnam war history essay print reference this disclaimer: the german army was the first army to use the gas called chlorine gas this gas was used a lot in the vietnam war to harm the enemies if you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the uk essays. Chlorine is a highly reactive gas it is a naturally occurring element the largest users of chlorine are companies that make ethylene dichloride and other chlorinated solvents, polyvinyl chloride resins, chlorofluorocarbons, and propylene oxidepaper companies use chlorine to bleach paper. Chlorine can be fatal if the gas in inhaled you know how the fumes from swimming pools smell you need to be very careful when using chlorine in a small enclosed space where you are likely to have your head down low – the typical example would be if you are cleaning around the outside of a toilet.

Essays research papers fc - chlorine the toxic effects of chlorine essay examples - from swimming pools to poison gas, chlorine is used throughout lives of many, but many people do not realize the toxicity that chlorine can have at certain levels. Chlorine can be supplied in many forms, which include chlorine gas, hypochlorite solutions, and other chlorine compounds in solid or liquid form some alternative disinfectants include ozonation and ultraviolet (uv) disinfection. Rapid and full recovery from chlorine gas-induced rads is the most likely outcome, and many papers have reported that pulmonary function generally recovers to the normal level even after an exposure to high-concentration chlorine - the patients in this study were also discharged after their rapid recoveries. When sodium metal is dropped into a gas jar of chlorine gas the elements react violently to form a new compound called sodium chloride joined by ionic bonds to understand how this process works, we must grasp an understanding of what an ion is and what an ionic bond is.

Ch4 (g) + 2 o2 (g) yields co2 (g) + 2 h2o (g) question 7 (essay worth 4 points) how many liters of fluorine gas, at standard temperature and pressure, will react with 235 grams of potassium metal show all of the work used to solve this problem. Chlorine is (at room temperature) a greenish-yellow gas that can be 8 atmospheres, at 20 c (68 f), and has a very disagreeable odor. Preventing chlorine gas accidents for portable detectors, think about ease of use, training, battery life, and service life for fixed detectors: ease of installation, calibration, and maintenance. Chlorine is a diatomic gas, about two and a half times denser than air, pale green in color and with an odor which was described as a ‘mix of pineapple and pepper’ it can react with water in the lungs to form hydrochloric acid, which is destructive of tissue and can quickly lead to death, or, at least, permanent lung tissue damage and. Chlorine (chlorine gas) is a respiratory irritant it can irritate mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose chlorine safety for water treatment operators review the shipping papers and the placards of the truck or tank car.

Selection of stainless steels for handling chlorine (cl2) and chlorine dioxide (clo2) introduction chlorine is a powerful oxidising agent it normally occurs as a gas but can be liquefied under pressure at ambient temperatures. Like sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite and chlorine gas, clo 2 is a chlorine-based drinking water and wastewater disinfectant a gas at room temperature, clo 2 dissolves easily in water the resulting solution may be applied at various strengths to poultry, red meat, seafood and the outer surfaces of fruits and vegetables to destroy. Essay the element: chlorine general information we researched the chemical element known as chlorine chlorine has an atomic number of 17 and an atomic weight of 35453 it has a valence number of 3 the element has 3 energy levels chlorine exists as a greenish-yellow gas at normal temperatures and pressures chlorine is second in reactivity only to fluorine among the halogen elements.

Chlorine gas essay

chlorine gas essay First world war technolgy: chlorine gas in 1914 a chemist called fritz haber offered his knowledge to the german army he soon began experimenting with chlorine gas to be used in trench warfare.

Chlorine gas is primarily used as a disinfectant for treating water supplies around the world the main applications are the treatment of drinking water and industrial and municipal wastewater treatment before discharge. Buy essay on chemical agent: chlorine gas nowadays we often hear different news which describe awful cases of chlorine gas use i want to concentrate our attention on chlorine specific characteristics and its effect, but in my opinion it is also necessary to discuss its implementation by different modern terrorist groups. Chlorine gas has been used to generate chlorine atoms via photolysis for molecular halogen photochemical experiments it can be used: • as a reactant for the extraction of gold from an alluvial material via a pyrometallurgical process. History: world war i and vimy ridge essay weapon that the germans used, the chlorine gas, whereas all the other troops backed out canadian soldiers still fought even though the gas was very dangerous.

  • The first use of lethal poison gas, on april 22, 1915, had a stunning effect on its allied victims, but the germans failed to follow up, and their method of delivery proved to be seriously flawed.
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Chlorine dioxide is a yellow to red gas with an irritating odor similar to chlorine it is used to bleach wood pulp, textiles and oils, in processing flour, and for water purification reason for citation chlorine dioxide is on the hazardous substance list. The bleaching sequence uses chlorine dioxide, with no use of chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite it is sometimes known as chlorine dioxide bleaching (cdb) if this is aesthetically acceptable another consideration is that the number of mills producing tcf papers is much lower than those producing ecf and is currently thought to be around. Safety alert – adding hcl to bleach may cause chlorine gas to be given off avoid smelling you may be asked to do this step in the hood we will write a custom essay sample on analysis of commercial bleach specifically for you for only $1638 $139/page order now search related essays determination of chlorine and iodine in water. Conservatree identifies chlorine free papers on our paper listings that either have gotten cfpa or other chlorine free certifications, or that we have interviewed mill representatives enough about to be convinced that they, also, qualify as chlorine free.

chlorine gas essay First world war technolgy: chlorine gas in 1914 a chemist called fritz haber offered his knowledge to the german army he soon began experimenting with chlorine gas to be used in trench warfare. chlorine gas essay First world war technolgy: chlorine gas in 1914 a chemist called fritz haber offered his knowledge to the german army he soon began experimenting with chlorine gas to be used in trench warfare.
Chlorine gas essay
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